SUSAN CROCKIN started one of the 1st legal ART legal practices in the US in 1988, and currently teaches “ART Law” and “Comparative and Cross-Border Reproductive Technology Law” at Georgetown University Law Center, where she is a scholar at the Law Center’s O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law. She also has an appointment as an affiliate faculty in residence at Georgetown’s Kennedy Institute of Ethics, where she is currently working on an inter-disciplinary “Bioethics of ART” series featuring her video interviews with Dr. Howard Jones in March 2015.

In her private practice, Susan continues to represent and consult to IVF and 3rd party ART programs, donor banks, and individuals around the country.

She has authored numerous journal articles, chapters and co-authored and edited three books. Her column “Legally Speaking,” debuted in ASRM News in 1990, and now appears in ASRM online. Her most recent book, “Legal Conceptions: The Evolving Law and Policy of the ARTs” was co-authored with Dr. Jones.

She is a founding member of both the Legal Professional Group of ASRM, and the American Academy of Reproductive Technology Attorneys. She is a former board member of both national and Bay State RESOLVE, and was involved in passage of the Massachusetts infertility mandate.  She is a member of both the SART donor registry task force and the SART model consent committee.