For any questions regarding this process, please contact your Jefferson Office of CPD contact or email


What to expect:

What to do:

30 days prior to the conference,

you will receive an email from the GLACIER System

Go into the GLACIER system and answer all required questions.


Please note, there are approximately 20 screens of questions, and you will need to allot enough time to complete the forms.

Once the online form is completed, you need to submit additional documentation via email.

The forms from GLACIER need to be printed or saved in PDF format and emailed to: and to using the subject line “NRA Payment Forms”


Once received, other background steps will be taken by the Office of CPD.

On the day of the conference: We’ll need a copy of your passport and entry stamps to complete the documentation

Upon your arrival at the conference, you’ll be asked for your passport, and a picture or copy will be made of the appropriate pages

We will submit the stipend payment paperwork and copy of passport to Jefferson Accounting for review and processing

Make sure we know where you want your stipend payment sent (full address or bank information for electronic transfer) 

Your stipend payment will be delivered per your instructions after the conference.

No action on your part is required.   The timing of the payment will be subject to Jefferson Accounting review.  You’ll be notified when payment has been approved.  Checks that are being sent will be sent via express mail to the address you provide.