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Chinchillas are lots of fun to own, but it's important to know how to take care of them so you can keep them happy and healthy. Below, you will find answers to some of your chinchilla questions so you can take good care of your new pet.


How long do chinchillas live?
Chinchillas can live anywhere from 15 to 22 years, so you will have your chinchilla for a long time!
What do chinchillas eat?
A chinchilla's daily diet includes grass haychinchilla pellet food,and fresh water. You can also give your chinchilla treatsHealthy treats are small pieces of fresh fruit, single raisins, and treats made for chinchillas. Just like you love things like ice cream and candy, your chinchilla loves his treats, so you need to be careful not to give him too many. If you do, he will eat his treats rather than his regular food, and that isn't healthy.
What kind of cage does a chinchilla need?
Chinchillas love to climb and jump, so you will need a very tall cagewith lots of shelves, ladders, and platforms. The smallest amount of floor space should be 24" by 24". Wire cages are better than plastic cages, because chinchillas love to chew on plastic. Cages that have a tray at the bottom that pulls out are easier to clean.
What should I put in my chinchilla's cage?
Since chinchillas love to jump, the cage should have lots ofplatforms, shelves, and other places for climbing and jumping. You should also put the following items in the cage:
Nest box made from wood or cardboard for sleeping and hiding
Aspen wood shavings to line the bottom for bedding
Glass water bottles for water
Exercise wheel
Food bowls that attach to the cage