Vision and Mission of Thomas Jefferson University
Office of Continuing Professional Development (OCPD)

March 2021


A health and academic enterprise where the delivery of care achieves optimal patient outcomes through life-long learning.


We improve lives by providing health professions ‘students for life’ exceptional continuing education programs to improve care for all patients. The Office of Continuing Professional Development (OCPD) supports evidence-based research, teaching and team-based practices to reimagine health, education and discovery that will improve current and future health care of diverse patients and the community at large to support health equity.

To accomplish this mission, we build continuing educational programs based on adult learning principles and instructional methods that provide health professionals with information, skills, strategies, and tools they can use to improve patient care and their service to the profession. Through content alignment, we support competency driven frameworks, to support our learners as faculty and healthcare teams in providing high value care to their patients and the diverse communities they serve.

To accomplish this mission, Jefferson will….

  • Develop and deliver intentional and effective continuing professional development (CPD) that supports education for interprofessional health teams.
  • Design intentional and meaningful education that addresses health disparities to achieve health equity and improve health outcomes for all patients.
  • Develop activities to meet the learning, performance, and educational needs of interprofessional health teams in the context of nationally identified provider competencies (for example, as identified by the ACGME, IOM, IPE).
  • Deliver CPD using a variety of educational formats, both in-person and virtual learning platforms, appropriate to activity goals and objectives.
  • Provide just-in-time education to meet knowledge, skills, and educational needs based on evidence-based research and emergent health care needs.