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Welcome Remarks and Overview, Dr. Kane
Lung Cancer Prevention and Control in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, Ms. Sowers, Mr. Coffman
National Lung Cancer Round Table (NLCRT) and Lung Cancer Screening, Dr. Smith
NLCRT Shared Decision Making Task Group on Lung Cancer Screening, Dr. Volk
Program Update: Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Mazonne
Lung RADS TM, Dr. Sundaram
Lung Cancer and Screening in Vulnerable Populations, Dr. Evans,
The Lung Cancer Learning Community (LC2) at Jefferson Health, Dr. Myers
The Patient Perspective from a Physician, Dr. Barta
The Patient Perspective from a Patient, TBD- Patient, Ms. Bork, Dr. Kane
The Payer Perspective, TBD-Payers
Question and Answer Panel on Health System-Based Lung Cancer Screening in Vulnerable Populations, Panelists
Keynote Lecture: LUNG CANCER. It is all Personal-ized!, Dr Peled
Keynote Conversation: What We Can Do With Lung Cancer, Drs. Kane, Klasko, Ludmir, Lopez, and Smith