Thank you for sharing your time and expertise as faculty at our Jefferson-sponsored educational activity. To claim credit for your participation in an accredited activity, please complete the form.

All credits can be retrieved on the CPD @ JeffLEARN website. Log into this website and click on 'My Account' on the top right and then 'My Activities'.

Credit Calculation

Credit should only be claimed based on your participation in the activity. Do not include time for breaks or lunch.

AMA: Credit is calculated in 15 minute increments, rounding up to the nearest quarter hour. (1-15 minutes=0.25 credit, 16-30 minutes=0.50 credit, 31-45 minutes=0.75 credit, 46-60 minutes=1.0 credit). Note that the sum of credits for teaching and credits for attending cannot exceed the maximum number of credits designated for the course.


Not all credit types are available for event symposium. If the type you selected is not available you be awarded an Attendance Certificate.
All credit requests are subject to verification. The office will contact you if there are any issues.